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Here are some of the projects that I am particularly proud of. Firstly, I created the bar menus for Chow Yum Phat. Another project that I worked on was designing a food truck company during my semester at LSU. I opted for a cool and inviting coffee shop concept. Additionally, I have included some merchandise that I created for the brand.

Advertising Campaigns.

Our team created an extraordinary campaign

for Coors Banquet.

"Trust the Tradition - it's just a beer."

Our team created an amazing presentation

for Heinz Ketchup inspired by their 100th Anniversary. 

Our team created a presentation for Nike.

Nike is the number 1 shoe retailer in the world. 

Our team created a quantitative 

research campaign for Spotify. 

Short Form Videos.

Local Bar

Chow Yum Phat Menus.

Foodtruck Project.

LD Branding.png


I created a coffee shop on wheels with a playful and attractive design for my food truck. The name of my company is Latte Da. I decided to use shades of green that resemble matcha for my color scheme. Additionally, I added the tagline "Sweet Treats on Wheels" to emphasize that we offer more than just coffee.


Foodtruck Mockup

I aimed to create an eye-catching physical appearance when designing my food truck. To achieve this, I added charming characters to the back of the vehicle to grab the attention of drivers behind it and provide an opportunity for customers to take fun pictures. Additionally, I ensured that the company's name was prominently displayed on both sides of the truck uniquely.



I stuck to my chosen color scheme when designing Latte Da's menu. I aimed to create a visually appealing and organized menu for customers. I came up with some signature drink options to add uniqueness to the drinks. Additionally, I included a variety of snacks, treats, and milk options to complete the menu.


Promo Poster

To promote my event, I designed a pop-up event flyer with all the necessary details such as the date, time, and location of the event. I made sure to include a striking image of the food truck and prominently displayed Latte Da's logo to catch the viewer's attention.

Latte Da Merchandise

I have designed some merchandise for Latte Da that customers can use to express their affection for our brand. These items will be made available to customers and online shoppers through our social media channels.

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